Working in the medium of woven textiles, I use my tools to observe and comment on what I see. These observations come from news of world events, travels and study of ancient and traditional art forms. By employing simple, iconic geometry and strong colors, there is room left to contemplate what is not there and not explicitly stated.

      Some work over the last several years has addressed the impact of human and natural causes on the homes and lives of people. These have included houses that disappear into the sands of war, are filled with rising flood waters or simply vanish as the natural consequence of time.

      For other recent work  I have used photos of faces, some recognizable, some not, and reduced the image to 20 pixels wide. This produces the weaving plan, from which I again approximate the colors for each pixel and weave, row by row a set of squares, to generate an abstracted face, some from the art cannon, but many of remarkable people who should role models for all of us.

     Yet, without the foreknowledge of what is behind the creation of these images, the works stand as objects of quiet beauty: begun with white yarns of wool, silk, linen and other fibers, I add my own dyes to achieve a range colors and contrast not available in commercially dyed materials. Like a painter, I mix my own colors to create something new.